“Our true self wants to experience this reality, we want to experience the reality of our true self.”

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Throughout my life I have experienced many strange things that could not be explained through normal daily knowledge. That type of daily knowledge that we gain from our parents, from attending school, from our friends – (before the Internet existed).

I needed to find a new type of knowledge that could help ex-plain the strange experiences that I was having. So, I turned to reading books about Kundalini energy, spiritualism, the occult, self-hypnosis and whatever else I could find at the time. But still nothing seemed to match my experiences, at least to the point where I could have some conclusive evidence that I was not going insane.

The strange experiences started when I was very young and have continued for the past 30 years. While these experiences changed, they became more intense and a lot stranger. As I grew older they started impacting my physical well-being and my mental health.

I believe I am a normal person, depending on your definitions of normal, as medically I am textbook when it comes to being healthy except for having an overactive thyroid in the past. So, if the question or concern was not about physical or mental health, then what was actually happening to me.

I finally took some drastic steps in early 2016 in an attempt to gain insight into what I was experiencing. These steps opened up, what I perceived, a portal into consciousness deep inside my head, which led to a whole new understanding of the things around us - the physical world and material things that make up our physical reality. I finally understood the lifetime of experiences that I had and the reasons for them. I also expe-rienced a calmness that was unimaginable, while also being told that my thyroid had return to a normal level of activity.

While I have used various meditative techniques throughout my life, since the beginning of 2016 my entire approach changed. For me it is a journey, where I use meditative tech-niques to achieve breakthrough experiences. These break-through experiences are the pinnacle of calmness and tranquili-ty and allow me to disconnect from physical reality.

Each journey ends when I travel through the portal into con-sciousness, whereby disconnecting from my physical body and experiencing my true self – as a spiritual entity.

I wrote 'Portal into Consciousness' based on my experiences and discoveries of what exists behind the vail that shields our physical existence from the truth. My purpose for writing this book was so that someone else may gain some much-needed insights that may help them progress their own life in a direction that brings them happiness, wonder and contentment.